NHS COVID pass for sale get it and demonstrate your coronavirus (COVID-19) status when travelling abroad and domestically at events and venues in England.

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NHS COVID 19 Pass: what it is?

The NHS COVID-19 Pass lets you share your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination records or test COVID-19 status in a secure way.

It allows you to show others the details of your COVID-19 vaccine (or vaccines) when travelling abroad to some countries or territories.

You may be asked to show your COVID-19 status at places that use the service in England as a condition of entry to a venue or event.

An NHS COVID 19 Pass shows your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination details or test results. This is your COVID-19 status.


What is the NHS COVID Pass used for

Vaccination records contained within your NHS COVID-19 Pass as proof of your COVID-19 status when travelling abroad.

In addition to your NHS COVID-19 Pass, you will need to follow additional rules when travelling abroad.

Firstly, check that the name on your passport matches how it is displayed by NHS COVID-19 Pass at least 2 weeks before you travel.

If the names are different, contact your GP practice to have your details updated.

Who can get the COVID-19 Pass in England

Secondly, If you’re aged 18 or over, you can get an NHS COVID-19 Pass for domestic venues and events.

Aged 16 or over, you can get an NHS COVID Pass for travel abroad but you should follow the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to.

Thirdly, you do not need a COVID-19 booster vaccination to get an NHS COVID19 Pass for domestic use in England.

Fourthly, you can access your NHS COVID-19 Pass through the free NHS App on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

NHS COVID pass for sale
NHS COVID pass for sale
Can i Buy covid-19 vaccine passport online?

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Want to visit Canada when the border opens to vaccinated Americans on August 9?

Travelers will be required to download the free ArriveCAN app, which verifies the status of incoming travelers.

Anyone entering Canada must first upload their passport information, Covid-19 vaccination documentation.

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