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Some clients want an upgrade in the category of their driving license in order to be able to drive industrial vehicles.

Buy EU driver’s license
Buy EU driver’s license

Getting a driving licence in the EU

Our business is well established in the EU and you can buy a driving license for any EU country. Buy European driver’s license.

We have worked all over the EU including the ROYAUME-UNI for over 12 years and our delivery system for L'UE driving licenses is equally well established.

In the EU, you can buy a driving license from any EU country you choose to and also you can choose any category of driving license you want to buy. 

Novelty Drivers License Online, we get most of our clients from the EU and most of them want the category B driving license.

Registered EU Driving Licence. We’re here and ready to walk you through the process of getting an authentic EU driving license.

How to buy an EU country driving license online

With us, it is possible to buy any EU county driving license online and receive at your home address. It is not even necessary to write the driving license test.

To buy an EU country driving license from us, you do not need to have passed or written the driving license theory test or the driving license practical test

Also, sometimes we get clients who’s permis de conduire has been suspended and they need to go through drug tests and other tests that takes months.

We consider that your driving license is a very important document. Registered Documents Online, Buy Covid Pass, Buy Real Driver’s License Online.

Moreover, we make it our business to provide a registered L'UE country driving license of any category to any client who needs one.

Get registered eu drivers license for all eu zone countries. Driving solution pro have group of specialist that allows you to buy eu drivers license en ligne.

EU driver’s license
EU driver’s license
What To Do When Your EU Country Driving License is Suspended

If your EU driving license is suspended, then you are ate the right place because you can still buy an EU driving license from us.

In the specific EU country where your EU driving license is issued, our agents at the transport system will know exactly what to do.

In the case of suspension, our agents working with the transport system will need to edit your records and delete the sanctions against your name before they issue you a new EU permis de conduire with a new serial number too.

For a driving license, many people do not know how important it is until it has been suspended and you cannot legally drive around.

As a rule, you do not have to take a driving test in connection with the exchange of your valid driving license issued in an L'UE country.

Acquire Any Category of EU Driving License

The cost of a registered EU country driving license will vary depending on the EU country you select for your driving license. 

To get the cost of your EU driving license from us, you have to provide us with specific information. 

The information that determines the cost of a L'UE country driving license include: The EU country you select for your driving license.

If the EU driving license is registered or not, the category of the EU driving license (for registered EU driving licenses, the cost of registration also depends on the category of the EU driving license).

Most of those who buy an EU driving license online are those who buy category B of any EU country driving license.