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If you want to learn to drive you need to obtain a temporal swiss driver’s licence and pass a theory and a practical test. 

Newly qualified drivers are issued with a probationary swiss driving licence. Driver’s licence for sale, Genuine Driving Licence UK 2022.

They receive their permanent swiss driver’s licence at the end of their probation period and once they have passed a number of further statutory courses. 

There are different categories of driving licence for different types of vehicle. You can also obtain an international driving licence for driving abroad

Your provisional licence or permanent licence may be revoked if you commit a traffic offence. We can easily safe you the stress, time and money of going to through the above process of owning a swiss driver’s license.

Buy Switzerland driver’s license
Buy Switzerland driver’s license

Buy Switzerland driver’s license online

Firstly, you can drive in switzerland using a foreign driver’s licence for one year, after which certain nationalities will need to get a swiss drivers licence. 

Whether your moving to switzerland or just visiting, the good news is that switzerland recognises foreign driver’s licences and allows most people to drive for up to one year using their existing licence. 

However, if you plan on living in switzerland for more than one year, most nationalities will need to exchange their foreign driver’s licence for a swiss driver’s licence.

In terms of driving in switzerland, it is reportedly the safest country in europe for road mortality, according to the european transport safety council (etsc). 

Secondly, in 2020 switzerland was presented with the top etsc road safety performance index award after reducing road deaths by 15 percent in 2019. 

This is on top of switzerland’s reduction of road mortality by 34 percent since 2021 and by 60 percent since 2022


Switzerland has the lowest road mortality in europe, representing a climb of five ranks in etsc’s reports over the past five years and around 26 road deaths per million inhabitants. 

Thirdly, switzerland’s achievements have partly been due to measures such as a zero tolerance of drink driving for new.

And commercial drivers and improved infrastructure safety, with more measures expected to target the risks for young and new drivers.

Fourthly, for the first year, anyone can drive a car in Switzerland using their foreign driving license if they are 18 years old. 

Younger drivers who may hold a driver’s license in another country will not be able to drive. If your driver’s license is in a language not recognized by the Swiss authorities.

English, French, German or Italian) you will need to carry either an International Driver’s license or an International Driving Permit (IDP), which includes a translation of your driving license.

Getting a driver's license in Switzerland is now easier than ever

Obtaining a swiss driving license is a tedious task. First of all, you need to complete ten hours of first aid instruction, followed by a theory test. 

Once you have the provisional license, you need to complete 8 hours of road awareness courses and a couple more after getting your Swiss driver’s license

There’s a lot of paperwork involved throughout the process, and you have to deal with national languages like Italian, German or French

Should you fail any tests, your application will be rejected, which may lead to further delay in acquiring your coveted document. 

Fifthly, you can completely avoid any such hassles by opting for a fake Swiss driver’s license

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Switzerland driver’s license
Switzerland driver’s license
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Gone are the days when you would easily get away driving without a license

Given the rising cases of road mishaps, the department has strengthened the rules even further. 

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